Pilates Workshop Murat Berkin

Pilates Workshop Murat Berkin

17th – 18th of November 2017

We are happy to announce the next international workshop presenter at Pilates B in Lyngby – Murat Berkin!

Murat is one of a handful of instructors that Jay Grimes has selected to mentor through a one-and-a-half year program at Vintage Pilates, and has been a featured demonstrator for Jay on Pilatesology. His strong focus and commitment to the method is evidenced in his own personal practice.

He brings this focus — as well as a dash of humor — to his teaching. Being trained by the 1 st generation master trainer Jay Grimes, Murat Berkin gives lectures and conferences all around the world with Jay, and has been doing so for the last 3 years.

Read program and see prices HERE!

Pilates workshop Bob Liekens 4th-6th of August 2017

Are you ready for this August when Bobs Liekens visits Pilates B in Lyngby north of Copenhagen?


(OBS. no free mini magic circle in the extended offer)

If you book 4 or more together, contact us for a group-discount.


2 days incl. mat classes AND friday workshop – before 31th of June 3800 – normal price 4200
1 days saturday or sunday incl. mat classes AND friday workshop – before 31th of June 2200 – normal price 2400
Friday only 795
Mat class friday only 250 (max. 12 pax)

Sessions Bob Liekens
Private session 1250
Duet (2 pax) session 800 pr. person
Semi Private (4 pax) 600 pr. person
Observation only 100 pr. person (if you book a session – you get free access to observe)

Sessions Anita Horry
Privates session 750
Duets (2 pax) sessions 450
Semi Privates session 330

Session Sara S
Privates session 695
Duets (2 pax) sessions 450
Semi Privates session 330

Email for booking of sessions


POP-UP event Tony Rockoff!

Pop-up event

w/ Tony Rockoff!


22th feb 2017 – 10-19.30

Tony Rockoff will re-visit and give one workshops, teach privates/duets and a mat class!

Did you miss out in november 2016? Then do not miss this event!

Tony is an expert on body, movement and motivation. His mission is to preserve and pass on Joseph Pilates’ classical theory of motion: “Pilates was never meant as a gentle method, it is an honest, intensive training, not only for women but also for men.”

Even as a young man Tony Rockoff was searching for the perfect training method. He completed training as a sports and fitness businessman and Diploma-fitness instructor. In 2000 he came across the decades-old theory of motion by Joseph Pilates and it was clear, that he had just found his own personal passion! In 2010 he got certified in New York by Pilates teacher and creator of many Pilates manuals, Bob Liekens. Bob is one of the students of Joseph Pilates companion, Romana Kryzanowska.

Tony runs his own Pilates studio in Hamburg, Germany and is National Director for The Pilates Standard Germany


10-11 Semi Privates (4 pax.) – 350

11-12 Private/duet – 850

14-15 Private/duet – 850

14-16 Private/duet – 850

16.30-18.30 Workshop: “Hands on!” – 795

18.30-19.30 Master class: “Standing mat class with add ons – hand weights” – 250

Come and join us for this after hours workshop and mat class or spend the day getting a proper workout! To sign up, please booke privates/duets/semiprivate via and book the workshop and mat class in our bookingsystem.

The event is open for everybody and the repertoire is within the classical metode.

Løbe-event med Peter Schultz søndag 8. januar kl. 10-11.30

Kom til en spændende formiddag med både Pilates og løb og hør Peter fortælle om det at sætte realistiske mål og at gennemfører dem. Peter har en vilje og selv-motivation der er lidt ud over det sædvanlige og han vil dele sin hemmelighed med dig og tage dig med på en let trænings tur.

Vi starter med at Sara varmer dig op med Pilates i ca. 20 min, så holder Peter et indlæg og derefter tager vi ud og prøver tingene lidt af.

Peter er ud over en erfaren og habil løber også konkurrencesvømmer og med-stifter af som laver åbent vands events. Peter startede sin svømmekarriere i Farum Svømmeklub, men har siden 1997 været medlem af københavnklubben USG.

Han kastede sig for knap 13 år siden ud i sine første åbentvandseventyr, der dengang bestod af et par ture over Øresund. Siden da har han svømmet over den Engelske Kanal, KattegatFemernbælt, Storebælt, Øresund og Isefjorden. Peter er ligeledes velbevandret i triathlonsporten, og han har gennemført 2 Ironman.

Minimum 4 deltagere for gennemførelse og maximum 20

Tilmeld dig online via linket her!

International Pilates workshop 25.-27. november!

siri 3Pilates Workshop – CEC

Siri D Galliano

,Tony Rockoff & Petra Karlsson

25. – 27. November 2016

Er du Pilates instruktør eller blot dybt passioneret omkring Pilates og træning? Så er denne workshop noget for dig! Siri D Galliano er en legende i Pilates verden og en af de dygtigste af sin slags. Siri har mere en 20 års erfaring med at træne både verdenskendte stjerner som Madonna og Uma Turman, holdet bag The Matrix II og III og Sting. Derudover træner hun idag boxere, en gruppe russiske artister, artister fra Cirque de Solei og rejser rundt til studer i Nord Amerika og Europa hvor hun ud over at afholde workshops og tilbyder instruktør træning og intensive private træningsforløb. Siri er bestemt det hele værd og du kan udover workshops og privattimer også nyde godt af National Director for The Pilates Standard Tyskland, Tony Rockoff og grundlægger af The Pilates Standard Petra Karlsson fra Helsingborg denne weekend.

Er du interesseret i at være med? Så skriv til os på eller læs mere om det hele her!


Program Friday 25th of November

10-15 Privates/Duets with Siri D Galliano, Tony Rockoff & Petra Karlsson

16-18 Workshop: “Pilates for men – How to inspire and train men?” – Tony Rockoff

“Tony will share what is important in order to inspire a man to do and train Pilates. Tony has 15 years of Pilates experience in training men such as boxers, MMA fighters, dancers, gymnasts, older men, younger men and the average man. In Tony’s personal opinion, there is no big difference in how to train men compared to woman, but more in how to inspire and motivate. It depends less on the gender, but more on the individual itself and every person has different needs and expectations – so do you! Together we will engage in dialogue and share our views on the topic and you will see how it is easily done.”

Program Saturday 26th of November

9-10.30 Good morning Class and Workshop: “Pregnancy and Pilates” – Petra Karlsson

“Petra will warm us up gently and easy with a 45 min class designed for pregnant ladies. After the session, she will go through some of the major do´s and don’ts related to pregnancy and training”

10.30-12 Workshop: Siri’s Wunda Chairs – Siri D Galliano

“Train like Madonna and sculpt your body with Siri on the wonderful wunda chair! Siri’s has a great experience in training performers, artist, singers and actors around the world and she knows how to create fast results with all the best exercises on the chair. She will teach you how to create an entire session on the chair and go through the exercises”

12-13.30 Lunch and privates/duets with Tony Rockoff & Petra Karlsson

13.30-17.30 Workshop: “From rehab-table to acrobats” – Siri D Galliano

“The rehab-table is also popularly known as the Cadillac and it is a spectacular piece of equipment – both to look at and as tool for rehabilitation therapists and for acrobats. The use is endless and there is so many good exercises within the classical method of Pilates or Contrology to pick from for whatever need you or your client have. In this workshop we have plenty of time to work with all aspects and for all of your good questions”

17.30-18.30 ”90 years of history of Joe Pilates and memories from Romana” – Siri D Galliano

“Do you really know the story of Joe Pilates and how it all started or do you just think you know? Most people tell a story about Joseph using springs from hospital beds during the World War I, but is it really how it started? Siri has spent a lifetime searching the history, reading articles, collecting material and has a lot of memories from her time with Romana and her friends from that time. She is going to share this with us to see, touch and feel the essence of that time and she is dedicated to keep the history alive into the future”

18.30-19.30 Mat class: “Crazy Matness Mat Class” – Tony Rockoff

“Still haven’t got enough workout for one day? Let’s end the day with a proper session lead by Tony before we go out for a chat, dinner and a drink!”

20-22 joined dinner walking distance from the studio – not incl. in the price

Program Sunday 27th of November

9-10 Wacky wake! Good Morning Mat Class – Petra Karlsson

10-12 Workshop: “All the lovely barrels!”  – Siri D Galliano

“The barrel comes in a various of sizes and shapes and it is an important piece of equipment in Pilates which provide you with an easy to access workout. Siri will give you new eyes on the barrels from the mini barrel to the ladder barrel.”

12-13 Lunch

13-16 Workshop: “Romanas Reformer – how to memories the 75 exercises, cues and techniques within the classical syllabus” – Siri D Galliano

“The reformer is maybe the most commonly known piece of equipment and it is an amazing invention! How incredible it is, that it was designed and created so many years ago, and it is still the most modern and innovative piece of workout apparatus! There is so many exercises that goes with it and in this workshops, Siri will take you all the way from the basic exercises and show you how to safely progress to the more advanced/challenging exercises. The reformer has multiple functions and serves excellent as an easy and gentle way to get back into shape as well as it can transform into an extremely challenging and demanding workout only for the few. It is important to know the entire repertoire in order to understand and use the method and the reformer safely and correct – otherwise you cheat yourself and your clients for the best part of it.”

16.-17 Mat class: “Standing Mat Class” archival material incl. exercises with arm weights – Siri D Galliano

“To round off this fantastic weekend full of Pilates and new friendly Pilates friends, Siri will give your body a little something to remember her on until next time!”

17-18 Goodbye and see you next time! We will serve you a class of wine in the studio.

Program can be change slightly changed until last minute – but the main scope of the workshop remains.

Prices and booking


Deposit: 100 Euros – balance due on 1th of November.
Workshop: Price early pre-booking before 1st of October 3800 dkr. for all workshops – Normal price 4200 dkr.
Workshop one day only: before 1st of October 2200 dkr. – Normal price 2400 dkr.
If only 1 workshop – contact us for price! (approx. 400 dkr. pr. hr. scheduled)
Mat class only – 250 dkr.

Book the workshop here!


Siri D Galliano – 975 dkr./550 dkr.

Tony Rockoff – 850 dkr./450 dkr.

Petra Karlsson – 850 dkr./450 dkr.

Book your private/duet now! email us at

Other happenings by Siri D Galliano in Denmark

Wednesday 25th of November 2016 – Selandiaklinikken, Ringsted – contact Rasmus via email to for info and booking!

And in Helsingborg 20.-21. of November! Contact at

Scrap-book of Siri and her work:


If Siri is good enough for these guys, she is good enough for you.


Siri teaching hanging with a twist.


Siri teaching add ins such as the handweights.


Arcrobats having fun on the Cadillac! Not for you to try at home….


Siri teaching a young ballerina in France last year.


Siri teaching the Cadillac in Palermo Pilates.


Siri teaching the armchair.


Siri teaching the fish on the wunda chair.


Siri and her boxers!


Siri 40 yr ago with Yogi Bhajan – this was her start as a teacher and Yoga is still a big part of her life. Siri also teaches Kundalini Yoga.


No words needed!


A very young Siri from when she developed her own equipment and designed her own Pilates style within the contemporary Pilates.


Siri herself on the ladder barrel for an interview.


Event: Mød Vigga i virkeligheden – hos Pilates B

Kom og hør om børnetøj på abonnement!

Torsdag d. 15. september 2016 kl. 10

Pilates B, Nørregade 5A, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Vigga Svensson fortæller om sin rejse fra grundlæggelsen af Katvig til skabelsen af verdens første cirkulære abonnementsservice for børnetøj, VIGGA. I løbet af eventen hører du, hvorfor tekstilbranchen slet ikke er for børn, men sagtens kan blive det, og du får gode og nemme tips til et grønnere familieliv. Du får selvfølgelig også mulighed for at se og røre det fine VIGGA tøj og få svar på alle dine spørgsmål.

Besøg Viggas hjemmeside på!

Det bliver 1,5 time med både hårrejsende facts, livsbekræftende løsninger og mulighed for at få svar på, hvordan du kan være med til at reducere ressourceforbruget med op til 80% samtidig med at du klæder dit barn på i økologisk designertøj i topkvalitet.

Vil der være gode tilbud til eventen?

Ja 🙂
Hvis du tegner et VIGGA abonnement til vores event, kan du gå hjem med et sæt økologisk VIGGA sengetøj.

Kan jeg få VIGGA tøj med mig hjem fra eventen?

Ja 🙂
Der er mulighed for at opstarte abonnement med det samme, og få sin første VIGGA kollektion med hjem fra eventen.

I forlængelse af eventet vil du også møde ejer af Pilates B, Sara Schytz, som fortæller om fordelene ved graviditets- og efterfødselstræning. Derudover vil du møde instruktør Sara Kirsten Giger, som også arbejder som børnesygeplejerske på Rigshospitalet.

Arrangementet er gratis, og du er velkommen til at tage en veninde med.

Der vil være gratis drikkevarer og snacks til alle deltagere.

Tilmelding nødvendigt via dette link.

Hele arrangementet slutter omkring kl. 12.

POP-UP Pilates EVENT w/ MOSES URBANO – Access Pilates!

e05fae_421ca04b6c644d9e896af9bb6485b8d4“Working around the system and key-exercises”

Tuesday 30th of August 2016 

14.30-16.30 in Kgs. Lyngby

Do not miss out on this rare possibilty of meeting and learning from Moses Urbano who owns Access Pilates in San Diego, USA.

We are so very lucky and pleases to be able to offer you this possibilty and we would love to share it with you!

The work title will be “Working around the system and key-exercises”

Moses will take you on a brief tour around all the euipment incl. the mat! Come if you are already very familiar with it all and come if your are a novice with an open curious mind!
Read more at and book in our bookingsystem here!

Workshop: Boost Camp!

Uge 34, 22-27. august
Kgs. Lyngby_MG_2463

Overvejer du at tage en Pilatesuddannelse, og bor du ikke i nærheden af vores studie i Kgs. Lyngby? Så har du nu muligheden for at deltage på en uges intensiv træning i august.

Du er også velkommen til at nyde godt af tilbuddet, selvom du bor tæt på eller ikke er interesseret i en uddannelse. Giv dig selv en intensiv træningsuge, fx som et hjemmeretræte og gør noget godt for dig selv!

Vi afholder “Boost Camp” i uge 34, hvor du kan træne en masse timer bl.a. på Pilatesapparaterne, og få den grundtræning på plads, som det kræver for at gå i gang med uddannelsen.


3 x Privattimer (mandag, onsdag og torsdag, mellem kl. 10-15, tiderne aftales individuelt)

Fri træning på alle måttehold og Tower Classes hele ugen – morgen og aften.


Pris: 1.995 kr.


Tilmelding via e-mail til

Boost Camp er for alle interesserede, uanset om du har prøvet Pilates før, eller det er helt nyt for dig. Tilbuddet gælder både til nye og til eksisterende kunder.

Bemærk: Tilbuddet gælder KUN for uge 34, 2016 og timerne kan ikke indløses på et senere tidspunkt.

Event: Let’s go outside! Pilates in the nature

river-791446_128026. juni kl. 9:30-11
Mølleåen, Kgs. Lyngby

Sommeren er over os, og det vil vi gerne markere med en times Pilates træning ude i den skønne natur.
Det er skønt at træne Pilates udenfor, og Joseph Pilates underviste selv udendørs om sommeren ved Jacobs Creek.

Vi medbringer Pilatesmåtter fra studiet og finder et godt sted ved Mølleåen, hvor vi træner det klassiske måtterepetoire og slutter af med en halv times udstrækning og afspænding.

Kom og få en god og effektiv træning i smukke omgivelser nær vand og skov. Alle kan være med, og nye kunder er velkomne. Vi træner på åbent niveau, så alle er sikret en god træning. Der er masser af plads udenfor, så tag gerne en ven med.

Vi mødes ved Mølleåen, ved den gamle mølle ud til Lyngby Hovedgade (ikke så langt fra studiet). kl. 9:30. Kom gerne i god tid.

Vi håber, at vejret er med os, og hvis ikke, så smutter vi bare op i studiet i stedet.

Deltagelse koster 2 klip.

Tilmeld dig via bookingen.

Event: The Wunderful Wunda Chair!

24. april  & 29. majpilates_wundachair
Kl. 9.00-10:15 & 10.15-11.30
Kgs. Lyngby

Få en workout ud over det sædvanlige!

Kom og prøv kræfter med Wunda Chair og mærk, hvad den kan gøre for dig. Vi afholder to træningstimer á 75 min, vi træner kun på denne fantastiske stol, og der er indlagt tid til spørgsmål. Der er plads til 4 personer på hvert hold, som bliver niveau inddelt.

Wunda Chair bliver også kaldt “home reformer” og er et fantastisk træningsredskab som bidrager godt til din træning.

På stolen bliver fysikken udfordret, og du arbejder tungere end på Reformeren. Pulsen skal nok komme op, og du får en rigtig god all round workout af hele kroppen.


kl. 9.00-10.15 Begyndere – du skal have prøvet Pilates før, men du behøver ikke at have det store kendskab til Wunda Chair. Vi gennemgår apparatet og øvelserne i et tempo hvor du kan være med.

Kl. 10.15 – 11.30 Let øvede/øvede – du skal være godt bekendt med Wunda Chair og de klassiske grundøvelser, der hører til. Så lover vi at du bliver udfordret lidt ekstra denne dag.

Pris pr hold: 2 klip eller 330 kr.


Holdet undervises af Sara, og du kan tilmelde dig via bookingsystemet eller via e-mail til

Læs mere om vores kommende events på hjemmesiden.

Workshop – Mejo Wiggin besøger Danmark

MeJo Wiggins

This is first time MeJo visits Denmark and we are very proud that she gives this workshop in Kgs. Lyngby! She is one of the leading teachers within the classical Pilates society and we have very high expectations for these two days.

Do not miss this great opportunity to learn from one of the best. The workshop is open for teachers of all kind and experienced students.

MeJo began her Pilates study with Master Teacher Romana Kryzanowska in 1990.  She was fortunate to study with many renowned teachers including Sari Majia Santos, Kathy Grant, Jay Grimes, and Bob Liekens. By 1995 she was teaching next to Romana at Drago’s Gym in NYC and was later certified by Romana in 2003 as a Teacher Trainer for Romanas’ new school, Romanas Pilates.

MeJo is recognized as one of the leading practitioners in the method, and is considered one of Romana’s protégés.  Romana often referred to MeJo’s work as “Poetry in Motion, and she awarded MeJo with a Gold Card in 2002 for her advanced abilities.

MeJo is featured in over five DVD’s, including the Romanas Pilates Mat Series, Romana on Pilates: The Legacy Edition, Pilates Revealed with Jay Grimes, and her own videos: 20 Minutes Twice a Week and The Gratz Arm Chair. She is a featured teacher for Pilatesology, has appeared on national television, and has been written up in numerous publications for her expertise in Classical Pilates.   

While running her own studio for 13 years in Greenwich, Connecticut, she became sought after.  Her keen eye and skillful hands-on approach has changed hundreds of bodies. Her students have included Pilates teachers and apprentices, celebrities, professional athletes and dance companies, movie stars, and supermodels. She has also applied the Method to help students suffering from injuries, scoliosis, back pain, and many other conditionsMeJo’s work quickly gained popularity, and soon doctors from the renowned Hospital for Special Surgery in NY referred their patients to her for rehabilitation pre and post surgery.

Today, MeJo is a strong advocate and example of the Classical Pilates Method. She is sought after for her captivating seminars in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Russia. She created a unique Continuing Education Series of seminars, “The Classical Syllabus™”  for certified teachers looking for an in depth study of the Classical Pilates Method.

Tuesday 25th of August 2015

12.00-14.00 Privates/duets

14.30-16.00 Barrels Workshop

16.00 – 17.30 Teaching the Wunda Chair Workshop

17.45 – 20.00 Details of the mat Workshop


Wednesday 26th of August 2015

9.30-11.30 Privates/Duets

12.30-15.00 Getting the most out of your students on the Reformer Workshop

15.15-18.00 The Cadillac Workshop

18.00-19.00 Mat class



1 day workshops                     2500 dkr. / 340 Euro

2 days workshops                  4250 dkr. / 570 Euro (15% discount)

Private session 55 min         1050 dkr. / 145 Euro

Duet session  55 min             700 dkr. / 95 Euro

Observation only                   100 dkr. / 15 Euro

Mat class 55  min                   250 dkr. / 35 Euro

Chair class lørdag 11. april i Lyngby

_MG_2454Kom og prøv kræfter med Wunda Chair og mærk hvad den kan gøre for dig. Vi afholder to træningstimer, á 75 min og vi træner på stolen efter en hurtig opvarmning på måtten. Der er plads til 4 personer på hvert hold og der bliver niveau inddelt.

Wunda Chair bliver også kaldt “home reformer” og er ud over et fantastisk trænings redskab også en møbel til din dagligstue! På stolen bliver fysikken udfordret og du arbejder tungere end på Reformeren. Pulsen skal nok komme op og du får en rigtig god all round workout af hele kroppen.


Kl. 9.30-10.45 Begyndere– det anbefales at du har prøvet Pilates nogle gange før timen, men du behøver ikke at have det store kendskab til Wunda Chair.

Kl. 10.45 – 12 Let øvede/øvede – du skal være bekendt med Wunda Chair og Pilates og de grundøvelser der høre til.

Pris pr hold: 2 klip eller 250 kr.

Tilmeld dig via bookingsystemet eller skriv en email til Der er kun 4 pladser pr hold.