Pilates International Workshop

 Murat Berkin & Gloria Gasperi 17th – 19th of November 2017

We are happy to announce the next international workshop presenters at Pilates B studio in Lyngby – Murat Berkin & Gloria Gasperi!

Come to be inspired and to learn the Work by two of a few in the world whom has finished “The Work” by Jay Grimes.


Murat started his Pilates career in 206 and is one of the former principal dansers of the Turkish state Opera and Ballet. Murat has traveled the world with his ballet. Murat crowned his career by meeting with the 1st generation master trainer Jay Grimes. He is one of the few teachers who has been able to complete the training program of Jay Grimes, (teaching the Work).

Since then he continues to give workshops and conferences to teach the original Pilates method around the world. His strong focus and commitment to the method is evidenced in his own personal practice. Murat is also the founder of the only classical Pilates studio in Istanbul, Turkey. His studio is “Murat Berkin Pilates Studio” offering lessons in Pilates, CrossFit, Kickboxing and nutrition — a variety of services that reflect his belief in the overall conditioning of the body.

He brings this focus — as well as a dash of humor — to his teaching. Being trained by the 1 st generation master trainer Jay Grimes, Murat Berkin gives lectures and conferences all around the world with Jay, and has been doing so for the last 3 years.


Gloria discovers Pilates first time in 1999 during a trip in Boston. Pilates represents for Gloria the perfect connection between two big passions: movement and education, that brought her to practice many sports at competitive level and to earn a degree in movement sciences with educational orientation. The research for the best educational path in the Method, brought her in Holland first and then in the United Stat

es, in Boston, where she accomplished the Comprehensive Certification with Clare Dunphy ( student of Romana Kryzanowska) in Pilates Progressive Bodyworks.

In 2012 she starts her path at Vintage Pilates in Los Angeles, owned by Sandy Shimoda and directed by Jay Grimes, who has been student of Joe and Clara Pilates.  At Vintage she accomplished the Master “The Work” in 2013 and she had the honor and priviledge, in 2015, to be selected by Jay himself , with other 11 colleagues from all over the world, for “Teaching the Work”. It’s a Master Program, one year and a half long, during what Gloria, under the direct guide of Jay, had the possibility to refine her teaching.

The respect for the original work, the importance to use the movement as tool to heal and educate people, the development of your own instinct, of intuition, find your own voice, unique and personal, to spread the Method, are the teachings of Jay that mostly captured Gloria’s attention and that she develops every day.

In 2013 Gloria founded the educational school for teachers, Pilates e-motion, that, by a complete and personalized program, spreads the magic of the Method, the knowledge of the System and allows the students to become aware and master their own work and passion.

Passion, integrity, commitment, pleasure to share and make people feel good are the traits of her teaching and the motivations that allow her to feel and spread the magic of Pilates!


Friday 17.  November 2017

12-15 privates/duets – Murat Berkin (14-15 only) Gloria Gasperi & Sara Schytz

15-17 Workshop 2 hrs. “Pushes and pulls on the mat” – Murat Berkin

17-18 Workshop 1 hrs. “The double leg strech” – Gloria Gasperi

18-19 Master Class “Mat work – feel the pushes and pulls in a flowing workout” – Murat Berkin


Saturday 18. November 2017

9-10  Master Class “Morning Mat work” – Murat Berkin

10-12  Workshop 2 hrs. “Imbalances” – Murat Berkin

12-14 Workshop 2 hrs. “working the studio system” – Gloria Gasperi

14-15  Late Lunch / private/duets Murat Berkin & Gloria Gasperi

15-17  Workshop 2 hrs. “Wunda chair – The home Reformer” – Murat Berkin

17-18 Master Class “The full Mat work in flow” – Gloria Gasperi


Sunday 19. November 2017

9-12 Privates/duets – Murat Berkin & Gloria Gasperi (9-11 only)

12-15 Workshop 3 hrs. “The Cadillac – let´s go all the way!” – Gloria Gasperi


Prices workshops – book and buy here!

1 hrs 395 dkk

2 hrs. 795 dkk

3 hrs. 995 dkk

International Workshops Saturday 18th of Nov (6 hrs workshop, master classes not incl. – save 20% on the package) – 1908 dkk

International Workhops 17th – 19th of Nov (15 hrs. workshops plus master classes – save 30% on the package) 3724 dkk

Master class only 250 dkk


Prices sessions – book via email info@pilatesb.dk

Private session Murat Berkin or Gloria Gasperi – 1095 dkk

Duet Session Murat Berkin or Gloria Gasperi- 795 dkk pr. pers.

Private session Sara Schytz – 795 dkk

Duet Session Sara Schytz – 450 dkk pr. pers.


Email at info@pilatesb.dk for info or pre-registration!

Looking forward to seeing you there!



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