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Bob Liekens 4.-6. august 2017!

This first time that Bob visits us in Denmark and we are happy to be able to share this with you. Bob Liekens is the writer of several manuals and the also the man behind The Pilates Standard teacher training Comprehensive programme and the LEAP – Leading Education Advancement Programme.

We are happy to announce the program for Bobs visit in august 2017! Prepare for a weekend with lots of new knowledge, time to deepening on what you already know and get motivated for even more!

About Bob:

Bob Liekens has been teaching the Pilates Method, and keeping it classical, for over thirty years.

Born and raised in Belgium, Bob received his degree in dance from the Rotterdam Academy of Dance in The Netherlands in 1981. He relocated to New York City to further his dance career in 1993 and that same year was introduced to classical Pilates Method at Romana Kryzanowska´s Pilates Studio. At that time, Pilates was still under the public radar, and there was no formal teacher training program. In 1986, after three years of regular practice under her guidance, Bob was honored when Romana personally invited him to start teaching at her studio.

In 1993, he collaborated with Romana in the creation of the first Pilates teacher training program and assisted her in writing the teacher training manual. The process of writing the manual, which took place over two year period, gave Bob the unique opportunity to sit with Romana in her Kitchen and review each exercise. This experience allowed Bob to see the logic behind the structure and the variations in the Method and enables him to articulate this in a way that others can understand.

Since then, he has continued to lead teacher training seminars and continuing education workshops nationally and internationally. A teacher’s teacher, he has earned the respect of students, instructors and teacher trainers worldwide for clarity, depth and precision of his teaching, as well as his dedication to preserving the integrity of the Method as learned from Romana.

Believing that a true teacher remains always a student – and that genuine understanding requires constant questioning, investigation and exploration – Bob has taken the work deeper through parallel studies of dance, anatomy, yoga and his first love, the visual arts of drawing and painting.

Bob lives and teaches in New York City.


Friday 4th of august 2017
11-12 Semi Private/private 1 hrs Bob Liekens, Sara Schytz & guest teacher
12-13 lunch
13-16 Semi Private/private 3 hrs Bob Liekens, Sara Schytz & guest teacher
16.30 – 18.30 Workshop ” Magic Circle on the mat – incl. the mini Magic Circle!” 2 hrs Bob Liekens

Saturday 5th of august
9-10 Semi Private/private 1 hrs Bob Liekens, guest teacher
10-13 Workshop “Principles of Movement part 1” 6 hrs in total Bob Liekens
13-14 lunch (possibility for a session)
14-14.30 Mat class Sara Schytz
14.30-17.30 Workshop “Principles of Movement part 1” continued… Bob Liekens
18.30-19.30 Mat class guest teacher
20-22 joined dinner – hope you will join us!

Sunday 6th of august
9-10 Semi Privates/private 1 hrs Bob Liekens, guest teacher
10-12 Workshop “Teach with your hands” 2 hrs Bob Liekens
12-13 lunch
13-13.30 Mat class Sara Schytz
13.45-15.45 Workshop “Small Gadgets” 2 hrs Bob Liekens
16.00-17.00 Workshop “Let´s Jump! Board” 1 hrs Bob Liekens

Workshop Deposit: 750 Euros – balance due on 1th of july – sign up now at…


Please fill out the formula and sent it back to us via email

Workshop Bob Liekens august 2017



2 days incl. mat classes AND friday workshop – before 1st of June 3800 – normal price 4200
1 days saturday or sunday incl. mat classes AND friday workshop – before 1st of June 2200 – normal price 2400
Friday only 795
Mat class only 250


Private session 1250
Duet (2-2) session 800 pr. person
Semi Private (4 pax) 600 pr. person
Observation only 100 pr. person (if you book a session – you get free access to observe)

Email at for booking of sessions

Description of workshops:

” Magic Circle on the mat – incl. the mini Magic Circle” 2 hrs Bob Liekens

Friday 4th of August 2017 16.30 – 18.30 price 795

This workshop is for you who teach mat classes and would like to spice it up a bit! Maybe you already knows this material? Then it is your chance to review and deepening your teaching tools and understanding of the work. Do you know the mini Magic Circle? It is designed by Bob Liekens and produced by Tecnopilates and it solves the problem! The dimensions of the normal Magic Circle fits to be used between the hands and for the head exercises, but it is actually way to wide for most people to use between the legs. Remember, “You should hug the midline – don´t kill the midline!” – Bob Liekens.

“To add spice to the Mat class, or as Romana used to say “to present another challenge”, we add the Magic Circle to the exercises. We explore how to gradually introduce the Magic Circle to a few exercises first, until with practice we end up with pretty much the whole Mat vocabulary and the circle!”


Saturday 5th of August 2017 10-17.30, incl. breaks –  6 Hours/CECs: 6

In this workshop we study the universal principles of the human body in motion. We first look at the principles and how they align the body towards its optimal Blueprint. We then address in sequence all necessary actions of these principles to achieve efficiently the intent and goal of all exercises in the method.

Bob gives you an eye-opener on how to spot a client and the basic understanding on where to put your hands when teaching. This is a workshop you can re-do over and over again and you will learn something new each time. You will have plenty of time to work with it your self and get feed-back and guidance from Bob.

This workshop is not only for Pilates freaks, but for everybody who works with physical fitness and exercises. So are you a Yogi, a personal trainer, physiotherapist or a fitness trainer you will benefit from your new knowledge. Part two is a review of part 1 plus the actions of the “loops”. You need part 1, to join part 2.
This workshop welcome teachers from all schools and levels and focus on how the body works.


“How to teach with your hands” – Bob Liekens
Sunday 6th of august 2017  10-12 2 Hours/CECs: 2

Although our primary tool to communicate with our students is our voice, there is a lot of teaching power in the experience of an informed hands-on approach! This workshop will offer you various ways to let your hands ” do the talking “. This is a very strong teaching tool and when you know how to use it correctly, you can add that extra spice to your teaching and guide and support your client to the next level. As always with Bob, this is workshop where you have to work! So get ready to get to know it hands on!


“Small Gadgets review” – Bob Liekens
Sunday 6th of august 2017  13.45-15.45 2 Hours/CECs: 2

“The Small Gadget Review workshop will go over the exercises on the often underutilized smaller apparatus such as the Foot Corrector, Toe Corrector, Magic Circle, Bean Bag, and Breath-a-Cizer, Push-up device. This workshop will examine how these small pieces of equipment can assist the individual needs of the clients and shows just how deep Joe’s method is in understanding the intricacies of the interconnectivity of the entire body”


“Lets jump! – JUMP BOARD” – Bob Liekens
Sunday 6th of august 2017  16-17 1 Hours/CECs: 1

For once a piece of equipment that didn’t come from Joe. When it was first introduced, Romana embraced its possibilities and it has been a favorite ever since. There are some misunderstandings as to the place of this apparatus within the workout, and as to how to structure a sequence on it. This workshop will have you jumping!


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