Jilue among leisurely summer suddenly pulled out of the hand of dust, animal husbandry, dignified her beautiful eyes stared straight ahead, said:"Space Gang Feng is coming" Dust, animal husbandry looked, I saw too that distant world, seems to become a little dark, looming hurricane swept overwhelming, and, in that hurricane, it appears with a black corrugated road surface, it turned out to be made violent fluctuation space formed fengren. Dust, animal husbandry, which looked at with a pillar in the struggle to get out from the black stone, the heart suddenly can not help but suck down a cold lump, this place. "Oh, since you have such courage, if we do not accompany look, it touches not to lose face" Xie crown three heard this, my heart suddenly a loose, tightlipped Road. wholesale soccer jerseys Dark purple flower mandala at this time slowly rotate, and that black magic column. Vague.

That is a terrible poison! Wu Cave heart aghast, quickly pushed spiritual power, try to extract the body that toxic, but with the spiritual power of the black color a contact poison together, he is found, the body of spiritual power, and actually being that gas rapid erosion, those spiritual power, are at this time into a highly toxic! Wu Cave face color are becoming pale at this time up, this is what drugs? Even overbearing to such a degree, even spiritual power can contaminate! Black color line quickly spread poison, Wu Cave crimson eyes, immediately shoved a bite, do the knife with one hand, spiritual force rushes, directly in front of the arm is severely root, severely cut down. wholesale soccer jerseys replica Bright hair spread out on the ground to spread, like a place Galaxy, Los glass looked a little frightened flutter in her dust, animal husbandry, which at this time, condescending overlooking him, that slender body, tight tight pressure on her, the kind of blazing heat, so that was her cheeks hot. That stone in arms at the wrist, this time is sunken down two notches. wholesale soccer jerseys mexico " Animal husbandry and dust nodded, in fact, he is this some heart, but he also knows the severity, his goal is the baptism of the Holy Spirit, it is not time to get specialized to find those hidden deep day material to treasure.

Dean directed grazing too pale dust smile, said:"By the time they try to row, this event will be synchronized with the image transferred to the hospital, to when we will see your performance, while giving you refuel" Weie dust, animal husbandry, immediately helpless smile, this is indeed some pressure, and that time his every move, will be presented at all now, it seems to make every effort, ah, or too embarrassed, may really does not look good. Dust, animal husbandry, playing back and forth for a moment, his brow is wrinkled, helpless curled his lip, he discovered how to let him play with, this cut black bone without any movement, he wanted to infusion of spiritual power, is completely useless, just contact spiritual power In that black bone will be outrageous bounce. This array of spiritual power, even terror to such a degree? Xie crown three pale, they were as one, immediately eyes flash, stature fierce Baotui, was actually intended for direct escape.