Among the silver medal on the TV drama Bailong perfusion, and with him so as that the light on the Bailong silver is all the more intense, the last was actually his whole body is wrapped inside. wholesale usa soccer jerseys even really a breakthrough, powerful ah" Dianzhu quiet street could not help but Zaza Zui, marveled that dust, animal husbandry, quiet big half, did not expect this last night, staged a counter-attack, that scene, and even they are dark sense of consternation. Therefore, in the eyes of many people, the "mini three difficult" Clearly more terrible than offend those big powers Two-phase balance Nature lesser. "Space for the prison? Extreme strong?" This layer pavilion, came a fierce horror sound track, everyone is terrified of looking lingxi, eyes full of incredible color, apparently unable to believe that such a young girl, actually will have a supreme level strength, north Cang Ling hospital when there has been such a terrible student? Lingxi did not bother those horror sound, Yu Zhi a bomb, a compress to the extreme, like boules like light is from their fingertips Jishe out, ripped through the space between the eyebrows straight to the magic key criminal days away, apparently intended for direct seize their lives.

You first he put it" Cheng tiger teeth, almost Biechu from this sentence to the teeth. "This" grazing dust face consternation, immediately curious eyes watching the brook, and why both of them a contact with the spiritual power will appear together so many changes, both to heal him, but also offerings can seem the same, so that was his spiritual power became more tyrannical growth. Dust, animal husbandry, skin becomes flushed up at this time, but his body spiritual power, but it is in an alarming rate, it becomes forceful hot up. wholesale soccer jerseys

" Los glass hear the remark, Liumeiweicu a moment, and then look to dust, animal husbandry, slightly hesitant. Of course, this idea will own casual about it, he knows his way just beginning, he promised your mother father would bring back, and now he step away from that, there is a very far distance, but regardless of how difficult, he would go hard after all, it is not what overconfident, just to the original when they leave, a commitment to the promise of his father, because he knew that he worked so hard for so many years with his father also Mother wanted, and his figure, is somewhat lonely, especially after he left, but he did not know himself that power, his only sustenance is he that exhausting all of his hard work and always be proud of son. wholesale soccer team jerseys " "Like it?" Dean surprised too Cang Road. " Liu Ying Shen eyes, hearts rage surging, Shen said: " You get a bit too happy too early, since Wu Cave useless, then I personally try how much weight he had" After saying that, he feet Yiduo, stature direct storm washed the sky, grabbing, an extremely powerful spiritual force like a giant General swept open, this area raging space Gang Feng, turned out to be blocked in a few Baizhang outside, could not close! This area also surprised many strong, face color terrible fear of looking at the momentum Liu Ying, the hearts of some vibration, which is on the northern mainland Cang younger generation's top level it? Look at this look, I'm afraid that Liu Ying should have successfully crossed the first among the three small hard hard, hard body, right? "This is Liu Ying to personally shot!" Someone exclaimed, immediately look hot, in general, similar to Liu Ying this and other figures, which was the only place in baptism will be shot, and did not think at the moment, but it is strength just grazing the sky throughout the early dust forced shot.