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Pilates B Community

We continue into to March with our Guest Teacher Tuesday for the community!

We love to inspirer peers and collegues from Denmark and around.

We host the yearly “International Pilates workshop in Denmark” and have done so since 2013. Unfortunately we had to cancel in 2020 due to COVID-19, but we hope for a comeback this june 2021!

With our Guest Teacher Tuesday we can stay connected from a distance. We love this possibility to see eachother and to move together. Onward and forward is the way to go!

Join your favorite teacher once per month or join them all and stay motivated and strong. We welcome everybody, both teachers of all styles and Pilates entusiast.


Different teachers – different styles

When we choice different teachers every week for our Guest Teacher Tuesday it is to honour the diversty within Pilates. All the teachers you will meet on Pilates B Online teaches what we consider classical Pilates.

You will exsperience a small diversion in their approach and their take on an exercise. Some comes from different belief and some from differnet ways of exspression.

Ofcourse you already got your own favorite teachers and mentor/mentors as a Pilates professionel. But allow yourself to join with an open hart, reflect on the exsperince and then use what you like! You might be surprices and learn something new – or you dont and that is also okay – at least we hope, that you will get a good workout and some social interaction with your network.


Guest Teacher Tuesday March

This month we focus on “Towel classes”. Amy, Joel, Gloria and Miguel will each give their take on this topic. A Towel class is not something “official” with Pilates, but some fun little feature you can use at home or if no acces to Pilates equipment.

Last month we focused on Matwork with Magic Circle which was great fun and super cool to do it each week with a little diffence. “Same same, but different”!

We hope that you will join us! It is pay pr class in our Mindbody bookingsystem or via our Pilates B app. Download it in app store or Google Play.

Please tag us in #pilatesbcommunity – this way we can stay connected and inspire each other!

We love to see you!



Program March

2/3 Amy Kellow, Everybody Pilates, Porthsmuth, England

9/3 Joel Crosby, JC Vitality Method, Georgia, Atlanta, USA

16/3 Gloria Gasperi, Pilates e-motion, Sarzana, Italy

23/3 Gloria Gasperi, Pilates e-motion, Sarzana, Italy

30/3 Miguel Silva, Uno Pilates, Portugal